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The details provided below are available for your reference and consideration. DWG files are available upon request.


Standard CMU Details (click below to view PDF)

F7_01 Concrete Block Walls-PDF
F7_02 Sample Bar Positioners-PDF
F7_03 Rebar at Wall Opening-PDF
F7_04 Suggested Control Joint Locations-PDF
F7_05 Suggested Locations and Spacing for Control Joints-PDF
F7_06 Control Joint Elevation and Plan Detail-PDF
F7_07 Masonry Control Joint-PDF
F7_08 Fire Rated Masonry Control Joints-PDF
F7_09 Control Joint at Pilaster Detail-PDF
F7_10 Masonry Restraint at Concrete-PDF
F7_11 Free Standing Wall-PDF
F7_12 Pipe Column in Masonry Wall-PDF
F7_13 Top-Wall Bracing-PDF
F7_14 Anchor Bolts at Block Walls-PDF
F7_15 Grout Pour at Top of Wall-PDF
F7_16 Wall Restraint Parallel to Deck-PDF
F7_17 Wall Restraint Perpendicular to Deck-PDF
F7_18 Wall-Slab on Grade-PDF
F7_19 Interior Masonry Perpendicular Wood Beams-PDF
F7_20 Exterior Masonry Parallel Wood Beams-PDF
F7_21 Exterior Masonry Perpendicular Wood Beams-PDF
F7_22 Masonry Perpendicular at Sloping Members-PDF
F7_23 Interior Parallel Wood Beams-PDF
F7_24 Wood Joists Parallel to Masonry-PDF
F7_25 Purlin Perpendicular to Wall with Parapet-PDF
F7_26 Steel Beam to Masonry Wall Connection-PDF
F7_27 Wall Restraint at Perpendicular Steel Beam-PDF
F7_28 Wall Offset to Steel Beam-PDF
F7_29 Steel Beam Under Wall-PDF
F7_30 Wall Under Steel Beam-PDF
F7_31 Wall Restraint Adjacent to Steel Beam-PDF
F7_32 Wall Restraint Adjacent to Steel Girder-PDF
F7_33 Wall Restraint Perpendicular to Steel Beam-PDF
F7_34 Veneer Detail-PDF
F7_35 Anchor Slot Veneer-PDF
F7_36 Masonry Veneer on Studs-PDF
F7_37 Veneer Anchorage to CMU-PDF
F7_38 Corrugated Veneer Anchorage to Metal Studs-PDF
F7_39 Anchorage Slot Veneer Anchorage to Metal Studs-PDF
F7_40 Anchorage Slot Veneer Anchorage to Wood Studs-PDF
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