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This online guide is a limited collection of information related only to CONCRETE MASONRY UNITS (CMU) and does NOT include information for Pavers, Retaining Walls, etc. Additionally, the markets covered on this site are domestic, U.S. markets only,  For other markets, and information for other product types, please visit

A simple way to navigate this site is, to begin with, the QuickStart tab and move through the options from there. CMU101 is a simple overview of fundamental topics you will likely need to know. CMU Options digs a little deeper into the lesser-known aspects of CMU.

Be sure to check out our online Sample Library, which features more than 200 CMU color and texture options. The online sample library is intended to replace your in-office library and you may request samples, on-demand, project-by-project using the Sample Request link at the bottom of each product sample page.

For immediate support, Contact Your Local Product Expert, and get the answers you need now!

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