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Understand Your Options: Color, Texture & Pattern

When you think of "concrete block", do you immediately see just grey and tan, or do you see a rainbow of colors? Concrete masonry is available in more options than you might have imagined. And in the digital, retina-display world in which we now live, your designs and our products need to keep pace.

Concrete masonry is available in a greater variety of options than you might imagine. In addition to the shape of the unit, you can choose from a variety of colors, face textures, and even patterns.


Now let's take a closer look at each option...



The color of block is determined primarily by the natural color of the aggregates used, as well as added color, in the form of iron oxide pigments. Additional factors affecting block color are the density and strength of the mix design, the type of face texture, and the degree of cleaning and sealing used. It is best to view block as a range of color, rather than not, due to the slight natural variations in materials, and the slight variations possible during normal production, (seasonal and climatic conditions, for instance).


Below is an example of just four block colors produced with iron oxide pigments.

For more information on color, visit the Color Options page.



Concrete block comes in a variety of textures, the most common of which, is called "Precision". Shown below are Precision, Shot Blast, Split Face and Ground Face textures, respectively.

For more information on texture, visit the Texture Options page.



After you have selected a color and a texture, you may wish to add yet another dimension to the block face, namely a pattern. The most typical patterns are shown below, including Single Score, Multi-Score, Comb Face, and Fluted (deep score), respectively.

For more information on patterns, visit the Pattern Options page.


Colors, textures and patterns can enhance your next masonry project. It's always a good idea to explore all options available in your market. And never hesitate to call your local product expert for more information.

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