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Online Video Presentation

BAS301V - "Concrete Masonry Fundamentals | Architect-to-Architect" (Video)

1 hr  |  1.0 CEU - AIA/HSW

Course Overview

This course was developed as a result of extensive due diligence and research and is written and presented by fellow architect, Bob Habian, AIA. The course will impart “the essentials of designing with CMU”, to equip and empower designers and architects with relevant, accurate information and best practices, including: 

- An overview of the expansive variety of color, texture and shape options that can be driven directly by an architect’s design intent; 

- An exploration of energy strategies and lesser known code secrets that allow designers to meet and exceed Title 24 requirements, with proper balance of thermal mass and insulation; 

- An understanding of the key metrics of durability, value and cost reduction, which together will empower architects to influence project budget management in favor of exceptional design; 

- Product innovations like Ship Lap CMU, Integral Water Repellant, and Carbon-Sequestered CMU; 

- Best practices for masonry design that optimize moisture resistance, minimize or eliminate cracking and ensure long-term durability, beauty and overall building performance through the informed use of concrete masonry; 

- A recent project review of a LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy facility at a University of California campus that leveraged interior, exposed thermal mass to reduce and even eliminate the need for an active mechanical heating and cooling system; 

- A review of the recent 2016 Code changes affecting concrete masonry; 

* The course is approved for 1.0 unit AIA/CES/HSW

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